All seats start out with a thorough assessment of the pan. It is strengthened and modified if necessary before any work begins. All edges are wrapped in leather to reduce abrasion. The type of foam used depends on the seat. I use high-density polyurethane foam for thicker seats. This foam is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. No worrying about crap growing in your seat from sweat, rain, or who knows what else. For thinner seats I use a variety of closed-cell foams depending on the result I need to achieve. I only use the highest quality US leather and materials for all my work. Seat tops are 7-8 oz. in thickness. Sides are 4-5 oz. leather on the tooled seats. Sewn upholstery type leather is 3.5-5 oz. in thickness. All covers are attached with glue and wide flange rivets. Depending on the final application I cover all seat bottoms with felt, suede, or top-grain cowhide. On thin sprung solo seats the bottom is covered in the same 7-8 oz cowhide as the top. Only the mounting points are exposed unless otherwise requested. Every tooled seat is hand laced with calfskin lace, or hand sewn. All upholstered seats are sewn with heavy UV-protected polyester thread. Pricing for hand-tooled seats of average (single person) size starts at $800, but can be more or less depending on the size and complexity of the design and seat.  Click here for gallery



These are not your typical wallets with a simple interior comprised of a few pockets. Every interior is painstakingly designed and hand made from the same leather that high quality motorcycle chaps are made from. Solid brass US made zippers and grommets are used on the wallets when required. There are individual card slots, ID pockets, etc. in each custom made interior. The stitching, leather, card pockets, zippers, etc. can all be ordered in a vast amount of colors. All wallet exteriors are made from 5-6 oz. US cowhide. I do all the carving, tooling, dyeing, and sewing personally by hand. Like everything else I make these are built to last a lifetime. 15-20 hours average goes into each piece.  These aren’t your typical wallet. Everything I made is heirloom quality. It doesn’t leave the shop until it’s ready to give you a lifetime of service. I can make biker style wallets, bi-folds, card wallets, clutches, purses etc. Click here for gallery



Every side, tool, or other type of bag is made one at a time. There is no set pattern that is used over and over. I build each bag custom to what the customer may need. They are made out of 7-8 oz. US cowhide for the exteriors. All of my bags are fully lined with calfskin on the interior. All the hardware is solid brass or stainless steel and available in a variety of finishes from natural to chrome plated. Every bag is hand sewn and/or laced. They are not throw away type bags made out of some mystery leather from Pakistan. They are made to be used for a lifetime. As with everything I make with a little upkeep you will not have to buy another. What is available is up to your imagination. Give me a call or email with your ideas. Bags prices can vary greatly depending on the size and many other factors involved.  Click here for gallery



I also can make belts, cover grips, and anything else you can come up with. As long as I get to make something out of leather I do not care what it is. All grip covers are hand sewn and glued to the grip so they never slip. All belts are hand sewn, dyed, and tooled. They are also available lined with suede or calfskin. If you have any project in mind from a purse to covering a 747 give me a call or email and we can go over getting it done. Click here for gallery